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FISH­-i Africa is a pioneer endeavour proving that, despite limited capacity, coastal countries can halt large­-scale illegal fishing.

Uniting eight Southeast African coastal countries along the Western Indian Ocean, an unprecedented alliance is showing that regional cooperation, coupled with dedicated data analysis and technical expertise can stop illegal catch getting to market, and prevent criminal fishers pursuing their lucrative business unhindered.

Sharing vessel data real-time and accessing satellite tracking expertise, FISH-i Africa is a Task Force that enables authorities to identify and act against large-scale illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing.

The aim is to build a robust and effective mechanism to catalyse enforcement actions and ultimately to secure a sustainable end to illegal fishing in the Western Indian Ocean.

The Issues

Illegal large-scale fishing in the Indian Ocean is threatening economic and food security. Overall it is estimated that one in four fish caught off Africa’s coasts is taken illegally.

The Taskforce

Our Taskforce uses advanced analytical tools, systems and investigative techniques to identify and track vessels to gather and share intelligence about illegal fishing operations.

Our Impact

FISH­-i Africa is a pioneer endeavour proving that, despite limited capacity, coastal countries can halt large­-scale illegal fishing in the Western Indian Ocean.
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Joint South African operation nets three suspicious fishing vessels

The Fu Yuan Yu 7880, Fu Yang Yu 7881 and Run Da 617 are currently impounded in East London Port whilst the South African authorities make further investigations into the estimated 600 tons of squid found on board.

PSMA comes into force  


The Port State Measures Agreement comes into force

A landmark moment in the fight against illegal fishing has been reached as the Port State Measures Agreement (PSMA) becomes the first binding international agreement designed to prevent trade in illegally caught fish.

Lu Huang Yuan Yu 186  


South Africa impounds Chinese flagged vessel

The activities of the Lu Huang Yuan Yu fleet of Chinese flagged fishing vessels have come under scrutiny and the Lu Huang Yuan Yu 186 is now impounded in Cape Town



Vidal Armadores – banned, fined and awaiting trial

Stop Illegal Fishing welcomes the actions of the Spanish government in holding Vidal Armadores and it’s affiliates to account. For years, this organsiation has apparently not only flouted the regulations but has also received sizeable government subsidies. The leadership and commitment now being demonstrated by Spain sets an example to the rest of the world.

Nessa 7 Maputo Bay 22 Dec 2015  


Mozambique confiscates foreign fishing vessel Nessa 7

Mozambican authorities have this week announced the confiscation of the fishing vessel Nessa 7. In addition, the owner, Anthony Rowan Pentz, has been ordered to pay a fine of USD 94 000 while its captain, Anthony Clement, has been banned from fishing in Mozambican waters for 36 months.

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