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FISH­-i Africa is a pioneer endeavour proving that, despite limited capacity, coastal countries can halt large­-scale illegal fishing.

Uniting eight East African coastal countries along the Western Indian Ocean, an unprecedented alliance is showing that regional cooperation, coupled with dedicated data analysis and technical expertise can stop illegal catch getting to market, and prevent criminal fishers pursuing their lucrative business unhindered.

Sharing vessel data real-time and accessing satellite tracking expertise, FISH-i Africa is a Task Force that enables authorities to identify and act against large-scale illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing.

The aim is to build a robust and effective mechanism to catalyse enforcement actions and ultimately to secure a sustainable end to illegal fishing in the Western Indian Ocean.

The Issues

Illegal large-scale fishing in the Indian Ocean is threatening economic and food security. Overall it is estimated that one in four fish caught off Africa’s coasts is taken illegally.

The Taskforce

Our Taskforce uses advanced analytical tools, systems and investigative techniques to identify and track vessels to gather and share intelligence about illegal fishing operations.

Our Impact

FISH­-i Africa is a pioneer endeavour proving that, despite limited capacity, coastal countries can halt large­-scale illegal fishing in the Western Indian Ocean.

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FISH-i Africa assists Somali authorities inspect suspected illegal fishing vessel, Greko 1

The inspection confirmed that the Greko 1 had been operating in Somali waters without a valid fishing license, had operated within 24 nautical miles of the coast in an area reserved for Somali fishers, was using trawl nets – a gear type that is prohibited under the Somali Fisheries Law and was in possession of forged authorisations and licenses to operate in Somali waters.

FISH-i Africa - Issues, Investigations and Impacts  


The FISH-i Africa: Issues, Investigations, Impacts booklet describes the way FISH-i Africa works, some of the cases that have been concluded, the impacts of FISH-i Africa and where we see FISH-I Africa moving next.

COFI 2016  


32nd Committee on Fisheries, 2016
“It is great to see that the African countries are leading the fight against IUU – this is demonstrated by their uptake of the PSMA, their representation in the Global Record initiative and in the evidence that is coming from initiatives such as FISH-i Africa – this is showing the world how IUU fishing is being done and how best we can stop it happening.” Sandy Davies



Summary A group of four Sri Lankan fishing vessels were identified by satellite tracking as fishing illegally in Mauritian waters. A Coastguard plane was deployed to ascertain the facts and illegal fishing was confirmed. Vessels involved: F/V YASAISURU – 3 F/V YASAISURU – 3 (C) F/V YASAISURU-3 -B 7.4V F/V YASAISURU-3 -A 6.2V Key events […]



The arrest of ten fishing vessels off the South Africa coast shocked the nation. The vessels were in a poor state and were crewed by 75 Indonesians who were subject to appalling working and living conditions. Whilst under detention in Cape Town two of the vessels absconded and are still at large.

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